1. Launch of Phase II Website 2/2/2017
4. New Hampshire Progressive Party Founding
It has become obvious that we need money for a good web designer, not just somebody who uses a template.  This will enable us to do more realtime activism and education.  Become a member to help us finance a more professional website!
The New Hampshire Progressive Party is becoming a state chapter of the American Progressive Party, the party of the 99%.  Join us July 29th from 10:00 – 4:00 as we hammer out the logistics of becoming a state chapter of the APP along with the national Party Organizer. We will meet at the Concord Friends Meeting located at 11 Oxbow Pond Rd. in Canterbury. Please bring a bag lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Please register by e-mailing: . For more information call: 207-733-1095 or see Hope to see you there!
2. State Parties are gearing up!
This is not an event, but an announcement.  Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey and Florida people have contacted us about starting state chapters!  Yea!  Michigan, Iowa, and West Virginia are on the fence.  Get involved!
5. Platform still under construction!
The platform is close to being completed.  Are there any more suggestions?  Things we forgot?  Things that are just stupid?  Let us know!
3. A call for interim volunteer administrative officers

6. Model State and County Constitutions​​
These are under construction, so check back soon for more information!
7.  Get in touch!​​
You can submit comments through the contact page or by e-mail to: