1.  Launch of Phase II Website 2/2/2017
4.  State Chapter Officers needed:  ME, AK & DE
It has become obvious that we need money for a good web designer, not just somebody who uses a template.  This will enable us to do more realtime activism and education.  Become a member to help us finance a more professional website!
The Maine Progressive Party, the Delaware Progressive Party and the Progressive Party of Alaska each have attained state recognition.  Anybody out there want to step up to the plate to take resposibility as an interim officer or nominate a permanent one?
2.  The APP Constitution can be voted on
5.  Platform still under construction!
Once we have our interim administrative officers, we will be able to vote on the Constitution.
The platform is slowly being put together.  We have 3 people working on it, plus the suggestions of you who have contributed on the reddit site.  It will get there soon!
3. A call for interim volunteer administrative officers
6.  Model State and County Constitutions under construction!

There is not a lot for the interim officers to do except for hold the fort until we can vote for the 'real' officers, but this is very important so that our ability to raise funds is enhanced.

7.  You can submit comments through the contact page or by e-mail to: